WCD Ireland


Westmeath Community Development Ltd was formed in 1993 under the LEADER II programme in order to carry out a programme of rural development throughout County Westmeath. In 1996 it also become the Area Based Partnership for the County and as such qualified to deliver Local Development Social Inclusion programmes.

The company now administers a range of programmes including LDSIP (Local Development Social Inclusion Programme), LEADER + and the NRDP (National Rural Development Programme).

Examples of projects it supports include after schools clubs, business start up training, community employment schemes, employment training, jobs clubs, mothers and women’s groups, open door programme for marginalised, a volunteering centre, horticultural training and the rural social scheme.

In 2007 WCD ltd initiated a study into renewable energy resources in the County and commissioned a follow up study on strategies on its own role in supporting renewable energy, which has recently been completed. It has an active energy committee / working group and is involved in promoting the establishment of a forest growers network to seek opportunities to supply forest biomass to local electricity power plants.

Westmeath Community Development Limited

Zone C - Mullingar Business Park,

Clonmore, Mullingar, Co Westmeath


Tel 044 9348571

Project Team

Joe Potter (CEO): jpotter@westcd.ie

Patrick Daly (Specialist Consultant): pd@patrickdaly.net

Caroline Moran (Administrator): rmonaghan@westcd.it