BAT Germany

Bioenergy Centre Achental operates in the form of a public – private partnership: The Bioenergy Centre is possessed jointly by the municipalities of the region and by private SMEs, biomass providers and green investors of the region. The Bioenergy Centre supplies the region with high quality regional biofuels, namely wood chips, briquettes, pellets. The Bioenergy Centre is the main driving force for the development of a bioenergy region in the valley.

The innovative set-up of Biomassehof Achental and its successful work in the last years has raised significant attention and support on regional and national level: The valley Achental was selected as Best Practice for bioenergy region development by the German government. Consequently, Biomassehof Achental has developed highly innovative production, organisation and marketing schemes which will be disseminated to the project partners and on European level.

The Project Manager is Dr. Christian Epp: