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The « Communauté de Communes du Trièves » CDC Trièves is a confederation of land-use planning. It is a public entity of intermunicipal cooperation (EPCI) created in 1981. Its main missions are:

  • to define the main stream of development in the region.
  • to harmonize and to coordinate the development projects of the territory and to implement them to the political obligations.
  • to animate the territorial charter which is based on the natural resources, environmental politics, transports, architecture, patrimony.
  • to work out, to follow and to review the regional development plan.
  • to realise and to manage the actions and services programed, particularly in culture, environment and patrimony, work-insertion-measures, habitat.
With 9500 inhabitants, Trièves has low self-financing capacities. We are, however, very optimistic concerning the future given that Trièves is a region which has been demonstrating and continues to demonstrate innovation and excellence for 50 years. This is also the reason for our participation in this project. The organisation has adoptetd a local AGENDA 21 and has defined its new sustainable territory project in June 2006 which provides the development of RES, the reduction of pollution and resources and promotes an ecological habitat in the region. The CDC Trièves  participates since the 1st of May 2010 to the IEE-BioRegions-Project, which will create regional networks for the development of a sustainable market for bioenergy in Europe.

Furthermore, the CDC Trièves is involved in another IEE project, (actually on the call-for-proposal-level) called «Total Synergie». The project’s aim is to develop the biofuel and biogas sector by using waste. The CDC Trièves imagines a fruitful cooperation in between these two complementary bioenergetic projects.

CDC Trièves is a Target Region among partner consortium.

Communauté de Communes du Trièves

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Contact details :

-      Brigitte Locatelli,

-      Bettina Maeck,

Phone : 00 33 4 76 34 49 11