EAZK Czech Republic


Energy agency of the Zlín region, o.p.s.

Services provided

Non-profit services:

1. Energetic consultancy leading to increasing of the energy efficiency and self sufficiency
2. Dissemination and good practice promotion
3. Analytic and conceptual work
4. Initiation and preparation of energy focused project
5. Support to establishment of the energy management in municipal and regional authorities
6. International cooperation on preparation and promotion of energy consultancy and projects

Additional activities:

1. Activities of business, financial, organizational and economical advisors.
2. Organization of training courses, seminars and other educational meetings incl. lecturers activities.
3. Organization of exhibitions, fair trades, shows, selling campaigns etc.
4. Activities of technical consultants in sphere of energetics.

The agency’s services are focused on projects intended to realize by the region, towns, villages, SMEs and natural persons as well.

ID: 27688313

Residence: Zlín, Třída Tomáše Bati 21, 761 90, Czech Republic

Year of establishment: 2006

Legal entity Generally beneficial organization

Founder and 100% owner of the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region is the Zlín region.

Email: info@eazk.cz

Our team:

Ing. Miroslava Knotková, Director

tel:+420 577 043 940, miroslava.knotkova(at)eazk.cz

Ing. Jan Vidomus, Energy specialist

tel:+420 577 043 943, jan.vidomus(at)eazk.cz

Ing. Tomáš Perutka, EU projects

tel:+420 577 043 945, tomas.perutka(at)eazk.cz

Ing. Radek Sedlačík, Energy specialist

tel:+420 577 043 941, radek.sedlacik(at)eazk.cz