EAP Bulgaria


Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP), Bulgaria, was the first energy management agency established in  Bulgaria, in 1999,  under the SAVE II program of the European Commission (EC). EAP is a member of the European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies (FEDARENE), and is a founder of the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies in Bulgaria (ABEA). EAP is a member of European Network of Energy Research (ENER). EAP is well-recognized at the EU level as a local partner identifying and developing new energy projects, as well as promoting energy efficiency and clean energies, bringing attention to energy consumption issues, and providing practical ways for individuals, communities and businesses to improve their energy management.

The main priorities of the agency are: energy efficiency and applications of renewable energy in  buildings and SMEs, the development of sustainable energy communities, mobility management,  and energy/environmental education.   EAP has developed and managed more than 20 RES and EE projects together with national and international partners.

EAP is an expert organization promoting the efficient and sustainable use of energy and renewable energy.  Its services are utilised by the public administration, business communities, and consumers. It carries out feasibility studies, energy analysis, energy projects identification, development, and  management.

The experts within EAP are experienced in applying integrated approaches, and  analysis and solutions that encourage local authorities and communities to develop and implement sustainable strategies, plans and projects. The experts’ professional expertise covers deep energy, economic and financial analysis, policy advice, project management, writing and promotion.

The work of EAP is based on a quality management system and a code of ethics that has been signed by the staff, management board and associated experts.

Liyana Adjarova

Executive director

139 Ruski Blv. Office 402. ,

4000 Plovdiv


tel: +359 32 62 57 56

fax: +359 32 62 57 54

E-mail: liyana.adjarova@eap-save.dir.bg