About the project

The project supports the creation of "bioenergy regions" in rural areas of Europe.

"bioenergy region" gets at least 1/3 of its heating and electricity needs from regional and sustainable bioenergy sources, with main focus on solid biomass.
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  • Supports the development of efficient and reliable markets for solid biomass in five target regions.
  • Stimulates investment into bioenergy projects and trading businesses of local Stakeholders.
  • Inspires other rural areas  to follow the example of the target regions.

Achieved project results

Each region formally adopted an Action Plan with a timetable and milestones to enhance their bio-energy to at least 1/3 of the energy demand for electricity and heating.

  1. The first steps of the plan were implemented, with at least 2MW of projects in the pipeline by the end of BioRegions
  2. 5 specific projects had their funding options analysed and will get support to secure full funding
  3. With the completion of  the project there is a clear plan, political support and a critical mass of engaged local actors that ensure the continuation of the project activities.
  4. The network of ELARD that has access to more than 800 regions of Europe has encouraged and supported its members and partners to implement similar activities in their areas.

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  • Bioregions workshop in Ireland!
    Posted on 11/02/2013
    Westmeath Community Development, acting as the Irish partner in the BIOREGIONS project, would like to invite allstakeholders, agencies,...

  • Bioregions workshop in Rome!
    Posted on 17/12/2012
    On the 19th of December, ELARD and UNCEM will be hosting a seminar in Rome which will present the results of the BioRegions and the Green...

  • Bioregions 2nd e-leaflet
    Posted on 18/10/2012
    The new e-leaflet of the bioregions project is now available on our website, click here to download it and find out about our latest achievements!

  • Tartget regions bioenergy actions plans now available!
    Posted on 03/08/2012
    The target regions bioenergy action plans  have been completed and are now available on our website! Click here to download the action plans from...

  • Bioregions Deliverables
    Posted on 09/12/2011
    The results of our work so far!

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